Senior Employment Resources

Improve Your Skills

Some seniors, particularly those with limited job experience or who are re-entering the work force after a prolonged absence, may need to update or acquire job skills. Senior job seekers with limited English proficiency or heavy accents may want to improve their language and conversation skills in order to be better able to compete for jobs.

We've compiled lists of job training, computer training and ESL/conversation resources. There are many more resources available, so we recommend doing an Internet search if you don't find what you need here. For our purposes, we've focused on non-commercial sources that are available at low or no cost.

If you find a helpful resource that's not on our lists, please let us know about it.

Having at least basic computer skills is important for finding a job - almost all job search and job application activities are online today. It's difficult to find and apply for a job unless you know how to use the Internet to search and to fill out forms.

Employers are looking for applicants with computer skills, even in non-technical jobs. Plus, if you follow our advice an tweak your resume for each job for which you apply, you'll really need to have at least basic word processing and email skills.

Fortunately, there are many free and low-cost ways to get the skills you need.