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For most seniors, crafting resumes (yes, resumes, plural - more on that below) is a challenge. How far back do you go? What do you include? How do you handle gaps in your job history? How do you keep the resume from "aging" you? And so on.

There aren't easy answers to these questions, nor are there one-size-fits-all rules, formats, etc. In these pages, we present the general approaches that we've found work well for most seniors, along with explanations of why we recommend that approach. But, feel free to accept, reject, or tailor our advice to meet your own situation and style.

The list below provides summaries of our advice. Each item expands (just click on it) to see more detail and explanations.

When you're thinking about your resumes, try to think from the perspective of the employer. How can you best present yourself so that the employer will know that you're well qualified for the position.

Keep in mind that the more clearly you can demonstrate your qualifications relative to that particular job announcement, the greater the chances that you'll get an interview. Throwing in a lot of experience, training, etc. that's not related to what the employer's looking for is more likely to hurt, rather than help, your chances of getting an interview.

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